Welcome to MedPhoto Manager!

It is our mission to provide a seamless and simplistic approach to medical photography, storage, and communication.

Photography and Storage:

When this company was founded, it was our goal to make medical photography easier and less expensive to the practitioner. We wanted to minimize the need for expensive cameras and complex processes of uploading images into patient medical records. With MedPhoto Manager you are able use your own mobile device to take photos and store them automatically on a HIPAA compliant cloud server without uprooting your existing electronic health records system. It gives patients direct easy access to their own photo folder, and practitioners are able to attach notes to any photo taken.


We aim to give patients and medical professionals a more efficient approach to communication. Patients have the ability to communicate with their doctors directly through the app. Medical professionals have better communication with their patients as well as instantaneous doctor-todoctor communication. Primary care professionals have the ability to communicate with advanced care professionals in a HIPAA compliant fashion with the simple click of a button. Want a quick opinion from a colleague? Send a message and a photo to your colleague directly through the app.

As you already know, a picture is worth a million words. So start taking more photos, now, using your own mobile devices with MedPhoto Manager!