• Is this app HIPAA compliant?
  • Yes.
  • If a doctor leaves my practice and I remove he or she from my account, what happens to the patient’s photos?
  • They remain on your account but are only linked with a new doctor at the next visit. Those photos are viewable by any doctor working within that practice.
  • Is this free for my patients?
  • Absolutely
  • How much does this cost me?
  • 1. Communication is free;
    2. Up to fifty (50) initial photos for $24.99
    3. Fifty-one (51) to one hundred (100) initial photos for $44.99
    4. For every one hundred (100) photos (or less) after the initial one hundred (100) photos, $39.99.
  • If I receive a photo from another medical professional am I charged for that photo?
  • No. You will only incur a cost if you save it to that patients photo folder in your account. However, if you are already using the app for photography the cost is minimal.
  • How many doctors can I add to any given practice?
  • Unlimited
  • Can my front desk employees use the app to set up patients?
  • Yes, they can use the website.